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Key Qualifications for Certification

QMC auditors verify that a quality system is in place, implemented, and effective. Following are examples of key qualifications for certified erectors:

  •    The firm's written safety plan, compliant with governmental regulations, is understood and implemented by supervision and the erection crew.
  •     All welders are qualified per American Welding Society (AWS) D1.1. Written welding procedures, compliant with AWS specifications are available and used by welders. 
  •     Written bolt tightening procedures, compliant with the Research Council on Structural Connections (RCSC) specifications, are in place and used.
  •    A written procedure for fall protection is periodically monitored and recorded by a person trained in fall protection and authorized to require needed corrections.
  •     Crane operators are CCO certified or equivalently trained and/or experienced.
  •     Project-specific erection plans with hoisting and erection requirements are communicated and implemented in the field.







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